Council Meetings: 6:00PM,

2nd & 4th Monday each month.

Commission Meetings: 3:30PM,

2nd  & 4th Monday each month


 If you would like to express your  concerns or

points - of - interest at  City Council Meetings or City Council Work Sessions, please call the City Clerk at the  number below.  



Scottsboro Election

the information to run

Jackson County Election

All County Offices

Pick up info at Court House


Mayor: Melton Potter (256) 574-3100 ext7 Commission Office (205) 574-9280
  Mayoral Boards




City Council

County Commission
Patrick Stewart (President) 256) 912-0516 Chrmn: Matthew Hodges 256) 574-9280
Brent Miller 256) 912-0516 Stacy Ledwell 256) 574-9280

Keith Smith

256) 912-0516 Dennis Miller 256) 574-9280
Carol McCrary 256) 912-0516 Jason Venable 256) 574-9280
Gary Stewart 256) 912-0516 Tim Guffy 256) 574-9280

City Agencies

County Agencies


Office Hours: Monday thru Friday

8-4:30 pm CST

Office Hours: Monday thru Friday

8-4:30 pm CST


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