Alabama Freshwater Fishing License Fees
(Alabama Fishing Licenses
are now available by phone, 1-888-848-6887)

(A Fishing license is required for residents 16 years of age and older, but under 65 years of age who fish with rod and reel or artificial bait. Said license is also required to fish with hook and line outside county of legal residence.  NOTE: Residents 65 years of age and over are exempt from buying fishing licenses providing that said resident has on his person while fishing a driver's license or proof of permanent Alabama residence and age.)




Annual Freshwater Fishing


Annual Freshwater for All Non-Residents Except Louisiana & Mississippi Residents
(The annual Louisiana Freshwater License is $61.00; the annual Mississippi Freshwater License is $33.85).
7 Day Trip Freshwater Fishing $6.00 7-Day Trip Freshwater Fishing for All Except Florida, Mississippi, and Tennessee Residents
(7-Day Trip Florida or Tennessee residents is $16.00; Mississippi residents pay $17.85).
64 Lifetime License (This new license is available to Alabama residents 64 years old for the price of an annual resident fishing license). $9.50 Annual Combo Freshwater and Saltwater Fishing (The annual Louisiana Combo Freshwater and Saltwater License is $90.00; the annual Mississippi Combo Freshwater and Saltwater License is $66.85). $61.00
Annual Combination Freshwater
and Saltwater Fishing
$24.50 (Required for anglers 16 and older fishing in any public water and unable to show residency, regardless of tackle used.)  
Annual Combination Freshwater
Fishing and Hunting
$24.50 The above prices include a $1.00 Issuance Fee.  
Sportsman's License (includes state freshwater and saltwater fishing, state hunting, WMA, state waterfowl stamp and issuance fees) $59.50
The prices above include a $1.00 Issuance Fee.  
**Lifetime Freshwater Fishing $150.00
**Lifetime Freshwater and Saltwater Fishing $400.00
**Lifetime Hunting / Freshwater Fishing $450.00
**Lifetime Hunting, Freshwater Fishing, and Saltwater Fishing $700.00

Licenses may be purchased locally from the Probate Judge.

Licenses may be purchased through the mail by enclosing the above fee and a photocopy

of your driver's license to:
License Section, Suite 457, 64 North Union Street, Montgomery, AL  36130.
For questions, call the License Section at 1-334-242-3829

Fishing Licenses are also available by phone:
($3.95 additional fee)

*Lifetime licenses are issued only thru the probate judge, license commissioners, or the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, License Section, Suite 457,  64 N Union Street, Montgomery, Alabama 36130-3020.
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The Division offers a free youth license for Alabama adolescences aged 15 and younger.